I've lost you now, it's just too bad.

The reason why I love my career - I get to visit the amazing crew at Bank Robber Music for bagels, and then I get to meet the Captured Tracks crew for lunch and become instant friends. Awesome day all around. Huzzah for kindred spirits making radness in the world. 

Check out CT's reissue of all the Cleaners From Venus stuff, including this track "Night Starvation" from On Any Normal Monday. Before there was Ariel Pink, there was this.


I just could not keep her from loving the silver sun.

I loved Crystal Stilts first album, but for whatever reason, it took me a little longer to vibe with this new one.
That said, it's coming on strong now, so it gets the awesome title of "song of the day from album of the week".
Listen to it loud. Dig.


Young lovers kiss each other publicly and shock self-righteous people/beware the gorilla.

Still getting through my stash of records I picked up at Other Music on my recent trip to NYC.
Feeling the French vibe right now, particularly George Brassens and this song, 
which I am predicting now, will likely end up in the next Wes Anderson film.

Oh, also, this song, considered pornographic, was banned at one point in time.



If I have gone away, don't worry, it is only forever.

What do you get when you take members of Hot Chip + Spiritualized + This Heat and have them record a full album over the course of one day at Abbey Road?
You get the song of the day from album of the week.
Loving this:


"It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight."

Song of the day from (a super amazing) album of the week.
And if it doesn't click at first, give it a bit before you write it off.

Solid/accurate review on Pitchfork too: