Shine on light.

It'd been a little while since I'd posted any new music as Posthaven was getting itself up and running. All good to go now. So first up is a track off the new Bonobo album, which has been getting a lot of play in my office while I'm working. Solid from start to finish. Particularly digging this track featuring Erykah Badu.

Ninja Tune is no longer a teenager.

Song of the day from album of the week from Teebs "Ardour", now out on Brainfeeder and helped out by Ninja Tune, who just also happens to be having their 20th anniversary party in NYC tonight.
Big ups on that.

The Golden Sunset Avows The Approaching Uprising.

Subway Soundtrack of the day: Daedelus' new album "Righteous Fist Of Harmony".
I have to say that while the new album is similar to other efforts, at times, it has a slight melancholic and darker edge to it.
Really digging it.

Plus, I'm going to see Beach House at Webster Hall tonight.
Washed Out is opening up.
Good times.