Don't be afraid, it won't hurt, it's only water.

Just going through all my music from last year to make sure that I haven't missed anything. Came across this Bright Moments album called "Natives" that I remember liking but that had gotten lost in the mix of everything else aliong the way. So I had a relisten and recalled why I dig it. He plays with Beirut and Arcade Fire, among others, which you'll recognize immediately. Check out this track that is titled after my hometown, Milwaukee. Good stuff. This'll make the Top 100 list, for sure.

From dirty paws and the creatures of snow.

I was hearing a fair amount of hype about this band and how they sounded like Edward Sharpe and/or Arcade Fire and/or Sigur Ros, etc., so I was a little shy to check them out, but I'm glad I got over that, as it's a pretty solid album. Song of the day from album of the week goes to Of Monsters And Men "Dirty Paws". Give it a chance.

Missles, baby.

Song of the day from album of the week.

Picked this new War On Drugs EP on vinyl a little bit ago.
Love their sound.Reminds me of Arcade Fire/Bruce Springsteen/driving the NJ turnpike.
Perfect for road trips. Which I will be taking soon.