To look out for something you might have.

Been totally life-slammed lately. So this song feels perfect for the frenetic energy of it all. Really digging on these Twin Peaks cats. Check this cut called "Stand In The Sand" from their Sunken album. Nice work Chicago music scene. I miss ya.

And stream Sunken here:

Not since he called from the Tijuana pay-phone.

The Mark Kozelek & Jimmy Lavelle album keeps growing on me. At first, I thought it was pretty alright. But as I get deeper into it, it really fits into the overall Canon of Kozelek's work. This song in particular, that in so many ways is essentially this beautiful/sad narrative about the upstairs/downstairs nature of immigration & labor, and therefore leads to thoughts of immigration reform and family and belonging and the meaning of "home", and which seems like it comes straight out of a Sam Shepard short story, really sums the whole album up. 

Anyway, long story short - check it out. Here's "Gustavo" off "Perils From The Sea".

Open up my heart. Tell me if you see some meaning.

I'm (we're) in the midst of some awesome life changes. Stay tuned. In the meantime, the new Deerhunter album couldn't be a more perfect soundtrack to the messy amazingness of a life in good flux. Evolution revolution. Dig this track, "The Missing" off Monomania.

Sit on the shoulder, work with the sea.

Picked this up on vinyl at Other Music the week I was in NYC. Came with a limited edition flexidisc. Hands-down the album of the week. Working its way to album of the year. Peaking Lights "Lucifer". Check out this song, Cosmic Tides.

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Always keep singing it, sets your mind in motion.

Oddly (?) and historically, going against all my hipster friends and cool tendencies, I was never a fan of The Fiery Furnaces.
Then slowly and surely, they started growing on me.
Then Eleanor pulls out all the stops and makes a beautiful and compelling album about her time in NYC.
So bam, I'm hooked in. She's speaking my sentimental language.
Check it.

A Thread/Threat of a Stampede.

One of my favorite new artists that I've come across recently.
Word on the street is that you'll be hearing a lot from/about this band very shortly.
This is the lovely B-side from their newest single "Belongings", which is also quite beautiful.

I just could not keep her from loving the silver sun.

I loved Crystal Stilts first album, but for whatever reason, it took me a little longer to vibe with this new one.
That said, it's coming on strong now, so it gets the awesome title of "song of the day from album of the week".
Listen to it loud. Dig.