I was reading ingredients, asking myself, should I eat this?

Dude. I absolutely love the new Parquet Courts album, Light Up Gold. It has this Velvets meets Strokes' first album meets Pavement meets Wire meets stoner kids who are all like, whatever, man. This song embodies that whole vibe. Would be fun to be 20 again. For like a day.



Don't be afraid, it won't hurt, it's only water.

Just going through all my music from last year to make sure that I haven't missed anything. Came across this Bright Moments album called "Natives" that I remember liking but that had gotten lost in the mix of everything else aliong the way. So I had a relisten and recalled why I dig it. He plays with Beirut and Arcade Fire, among others, which you'll recognize immediately. Check out this track that is titled after my hometown, Milwaukee. Good stuff. This'll make the Top 100 list, for sure.


I'd ask you where the times goes, you don't know where the time goes.

Not sure if it's a function of age, or being a new-ish father, but lately I've been really prone to nostalgia, sentimentality and oversensitivity to awareness of the nonstop march of time. As such, I was going through new music that I've gotten recently and came across this song from the title track of the Brooklyn band Neighbors new album "Good Luck, Kid". Song of the day, for sure.

P.S. Happy black Friday. I suggest doing something meaningful to help counter all the shallowness going on in the country right now. 


Like shadows will leave when the time comes.

Forest Fire's album, Staring At The X, on Fat Cat Records, has been out since last fall but it somehow got lost in the woods for me until just recently. And now I find myself listening to it quite a lot. Glad it found its way out. The whole album is worth a listen. This track should give you a sense of it.



Through all of my sorrow, you can hear me say, I know we can make it.

Going through my albums from 2010 to start putting together my top list and came across this great reissue again.
I'll be working this particular track into my DJ sets: