Exiled in us we arouse the soft, unclenched, armless, silk and rough love that breaks all rocks.

Listening to a new Radiohead album is always a very special experience for me.
It marks a moment in time that will then grow throughout my days.
With repeated listens, it's like the sudden smell of something loved that has been lost and now remembered again.
An immediate, sentimental journey - sunlight through a window, the sound of a friend's voice, a word, a meal, a wish.
And this new album is now here upon us. 
So I'm just letting it wash over and coat me in new and soon-to-be old memories.

You can buy it here:

You've got such a psychic life to live.

I picked up Roky Erickson's album "Never Say Goodbye" back in 1999 from Ozone Records in Portland, Oregon.
Though I was just starting to familiarize myself with him as an artist back then, this album in it's stark, vulnerable tone caught my attention immediately and never let go.
I've always envisioned this particular track to be playing during the end credits of a film:

Many of these tracks were actually recorded during a stint in a mental hospital, and it's rawness is both heartbreaking and beautiful.
Read a little bit about the story of the album here:

Also, I think it's a pretty hard album to come by these days, so if you'd like, you can download the whole thing here:


Thrown like a star in my vast sleep.

Other Music in New York is one of three in the world all tied for first place for best record store.
The other two are Mississippi Records in Portland and Honest Jons in London.
Every time I go into any one of them, I am overjoyed and feel like a little kid in complete wonderment.
And at Other Music, I'm lucky enough to know my friend, Daniel Givens, who every time I see him, turns me onto something new.
Recently it was the album "Catholic" from Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras.
And now it's my honor to turn you onto it, via their rad cover of Donovan's "Hurdy Gurdy Man":

Read about the album here:


My heart, slow down. Won't you beat a little slower? But don't stop. Never end your hunting. You'll see I'm lost without your rhythm.

As far as I know, "The Snake" from Wildbirds & Peacedrums has actually been out for sometime now,
but it seems to have gotten some kind of reissue/re-release lately,
which I'm all for, as it was a really tough one to find there for a while.
They're playing a number of times in NYC over the next few weeks,
including a show tomorrow night at Le Poisson Rouge with Deerhoof and next week with Fanfarlo.
"My Heart" is a song of theirs that I completely obsessed on when I working in London last summer.
I used to play it really loudly late at night at my desk
in the Wieden + Kennedy offices when everyone was already gone for the evening.
Oftentimes, it was after I had been out already with all my work mates for a few rounds of pints.
I'd be a little tipsy, turn it up and sing to myself and wonder where my life was headed.

Apocalypse Now (or quite soon)


It's the movement that gives it the sock.

The track is called "It Ain't The Meat" by the band "The Swallows" from the compilation "The Best Of Burlesque".

Hey ladies.
Just saying.

So many sassy jams on this album, it's just silly.
Courtesy of my pal at the label: