You feel like an ocean being warmed by the sun.

Been lost in the woods of being a working father and then at SXSW for the last few weeks. So no postings. Until now. Song of the day from album of the week. It's an obvious choice, but it's pretty darn solid. Nice comeback, Shins.

Explosions pillaging the night.

Quiet night at home with the wife and baby boy, sitting at my desk (which is really just the farm table in our sun room) just starting to go through all the music I've loved this past year and attempting to begin to assemble my top album list of 2011. Have a feeling that this album will end up nearer to the top. Good stuff from a young lad from Boise, Idaho.!/youthlagoon

There's beauty in that rainbow in the sky.

This post is dedicated to my wife, Bailey, and to welcome our new baby boy, Emmett James Johnson, into this world. You're the most beautiful and remarkable thing to happen to us. May you have an amazing life full of love, joy, adventure, friendship and wonder. 

There's a big day coming. I can hardly wait.

Working from home the rest of the afternoon, at my favorite spot at the dining room table among all the big Southern-facing windows. Bailey and the cat are sleeping in the diminshing sun's rays and I'm listening to a vinyl reissue of Painful, one of my favorite Yo La Tengo albums, and just waiting for our little guy to make his grand entrance into our world. Can't wait to meet him.

Don't call me home.

Back to Chicago after a nice, much needed stint in the Bahamas where we celebrated our one year anniversary.
It was an absolute blast.
I also finally got my turntable unpacked and picked up a pair of used PSB speakers today.
Testing them out now, I came across this lovely song from Nico.
It's beautiful melancholy feels perfect on this cold March day.
Here's to hoping that spring is not too far around the corner.

Stay cool.

Back in NYC from the Bahamas and though I'm getting a little butt kicking from work, trying my best to retain some of that sunny mellow vibe.
Fortunately the album "Next Stop...Soweto Vol.3" is really helping with that.
So super amazingly good. Pick it up.

Happy jokes/on rooftops/life in a day.

Allmusic's review of the album said this: 
"An easy to make comparison would be to say Casiokids are Hot Chip but with Jónsi of Sigur Rós on vocals -- more like early Hot Chip when they were still a bit goofy and fun, though, not the current model."
While I think that's a pretty fair take, at the same time, it might be selling it a little short. 
I'd encourage you to check it out. It's really growing on me.