We get so excited that we can't ever feel any insecurities.

Been in the thick of work and work travel lately, so not much blogged/posted, but I've been listening to tons of new music that I'm very excited about. New albums from Youth Lagoon, Atoms For Peace, Hanni El Khatib, Widowspeak, Inc., Rhye, Yo La Tengo, Foxygen, Fear Of Men, etc. Been particularly digging the new Beach Fossils and I picked up the limited vinyl version at Other Music when I was recently in NYC. Check out this gem. The title track from the new album, Clash The Truth.



And if the day came when I felt a natural emotion, I'd get such a shock I'd probably jump in the ocean.

Really getting into The Men's album, Open Your Heart. Particularly digging this track at the moment. Easily song of the day from album of the week. So bummed that I missed them down at SXSW this year.


You feel like an ocean being warmed by the sun.

Been lost in the woods of being a working father and then at SXSW for the last few weeks. So no postings. Until now. Song of the day from album of the week. It's an obvious choice, but it's pretty darn solid. Nice comeback, Shins.


If I go on living without your love.

I was at SXSW for the full 10 day extravaganza, came back and almost immediately came down with a burly sinus cold.
Finally feeling human again, I still intend to post a kind of SXSW wrap-up, but in the meantime, I came across a great little pop song from the band Princeton,
and the vibe is just hitting so right at the moment that I wanted to share it right away:


I hope to always, perpetually, be in beta-mode.

Back from 10 extraordinary days in Austin for SXSW.
Tired as all heck, but so worth it.
Just getting caught up with work at the moment, so as soon as I can, 
I'll be posting a synopsis as well as more content from my Texas adventures.
In the meantime, if you want to see what I got up to while there, you can look at my Twitter feed/archive:


Also, Dave Allen (Gang Of Four) has posted some great stories about his time there:

Good feelings, won't you stay with me just a little longer?

Met these guys down in Austin in an alley behind the venue where the Carpark showcase was taking place.
Unfortunately I didn't get to see them play that night, which is a bummer, not only because I have a soft-spot for fellow midwesterners (they're from Chicago, me, Milwaukee) but because the more I listen to the promo of this album, I wished I would've seen them then before they get too big, which could be a likely scenario, given the quality of this release.
Look for it out on Carpark in June.
Also to note, I wanted to post the second song (Oh, Ivory!) but after doing some nosing around on the web, I saw that it hadn't been posted/leaked yet and so I didn't feel right letting that one out yet, in respect of the band and label.
So in the meantime, give a gander to this track, the first song on the record and one I also dig.

Also, don't forget to go out and support your local independent record stores on Saturday.
It's Record Store Day!
Lots of rad exclusives and in-store performances.
Check local listings.


And it made us feel alive/alike.

It took a little while for me to get into the vocals, but the new Efterklang is finally growing on me.
I really dig a few tracks; this one in particular.

Also, going to see Malachai tonight at Le Poisson Rouge.
Missed them down at SXSW and I'm quite curious to see how they pull off their live show.


Far As I Can See.

Just back from two amazing weeks in the Bahamas and Mexico.
Got hitched, honeymooned and hung out with my little lady, my best friends and family in the warm sun, taking it easy, swimming and drinking beer on the beach.
Trying to get back in the swing of things, though I have to say it's a little tough.
Wish I was splashing around in the Caribbean like this instead:

That said, at least I've got SXSW coming up (I'm speaking on a panel) and some new jams to listen to, including this great track from Phantogram, who just released their new album on Barsuk:


They say that they want you when they don't.

The first time I ever saw The Dodos was a few years back at Todd P's party at SXSW.
It was one of those times where you just stumble in not expecting anything in particular and then walk out blown away.

 This is my favorite track so far off their new "Time To Die" album: