Sit on the shoulder, work with the sea.

Picked this up on vinyl at Other Music the week I was in NYC. Came with a limited edition flexidisc. Hands-down the album of the week. Working its way to album of the year. Peaking Lights "Lucifer". Check out this song, Cosmic Tides.

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Young lovers kiss each other publicly and shock self-righteous people/beware the gorilla.

Still getting through my stash of records I picked up at Other Music on my recent trip to NYC.
Feeling the French vibe right now, particularly George Brassens and this song, 
which I am predicting now, will likely end up in the next Wes Anderson film.

Oh, also, this song, considered pornographic, was banned at one point in time.

Wave/new wave.

Stopped by Other Music the other day and picked up this newer release from Honest Jons.
I don't know much about it, but essentially it's a compilation and quite an interesting record.
It's called "New Wave Dance Music From South Africa", though nothing like any new wave I know of, as it has a super different aesthetic/style. Really digging it.
Check out this track:

It's no relief, it sounds to me, just as sweet.

First-off, I made a nice, albeit small vinyl haul at Other Music today at lunchtime.
Oldies and newies.

Plus I've been listening to a petty darn solid record this afternoon from Delta Spirit.
Seems to be aligned in many ways to Dr. Dog/Cold War Kids/Wilco.
Check this track out.

Good feelings, won't you stay with me just a little longer?

Met these guys down in Austin in an alley behind the venue where the Carpark showcase was taking place.
Unfortunately I didn't get to see them play that night, which is a bummer, not only because I have a soft-spot for fellow midwesterners (they're from Chicago, me, Milwaukee) but because the more I listen to the promo of this album, I wished I would've seen them then before they get too big, which could be a likely scenario, given the quality of this release.
Look for it out on Carpark in June.
Also to note, I wanted to post the second song (Oh, Ivory!) but after doing some nosing around on the web, I saw that it hadn't been posted/leaked yet and so I didn't feel right letting that one out yet, in respect of the band and label.
So in the meantime, give a gander to this track, the first song on the record and one I also dig.

Also, don't forget to go out and support your local independent record stores on Saturday.
It's Record Store Day!
Lots of rad exclusives and in-store performances.
Check local listings.

Storytelling through music. This is what I do.

With a gift card from my sister in pocket, I headed over to Other Music today at lunchtime and picked up a few things:

The World Of Arthur Russell (one of the albums stolen in my Los Angeles debacle last year)
Memory Tapes LP
My Bloody Valentine: Ecstacy (reissue on Lazy)
SJOB Movement (Academy reissue)
Mebusas (Academy reissue)
In Aeternam Vale (Minimal Wave release)

Good good stuff.
Thanks Bridgett.
You made your brother's day.

Thrown like a star in my vast sleep.

Other Music in New York is one of three in the world all tied for first place for best record store.
The other two are Mississippi Records in Portland and Honest Jons in London.
Every time I go into any one of them, I am overjoyed and feel like a little kid in complete wonderment.
And at Other Music, I'm lucky enough to know my friend, Daniel Givens, who every time I see him, turns me onto something new.
Recently it was the album "Catholic" from Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras.
And now it's my honor to turn you onto it, via their rad cover of Donovan's "Hurdy Gurdy Man":

Read about the album here: