Open up my heart. Tell me if you see some meaning.

I'm (we're) in the midst of some awesome life changes. Stay tuned. In the meantime, the new Deerhunter album couldn't be a more perfect soundtrack to the messy amazingness of a life in good flux. Evolution revolution. Dig this track, "The Missing" off Monomania.

Straight to your heart.

I'm pretty sure that for his new album, Twin Shadow jumped back in time to 1985 and proceeded to make the best album of that year and of 2012. Listening to my promo copy right now. Blows me away. Get ready people, this is legit. I've been obssessed with ' Five Seconds' for sometime now and it's hands-down song of the day from (upcoming) album of the week. And Confess is already making a run for album of the year. Rad.

And it made us feel alive/alike.

It took a little while for me to get into the vocals, but the new Efterklang is finally growing on me.
I really dig a few tracks; this one in particular.

Also, going to see Malachai tonight at Le Poisson Rouge.
Missed them down at SXSW and I'm quite curious to see how they pull off their live show.

What do you want to see, what did you want to be, when you grew up?

Seeing my friend Hallie, among many things, makes me think of happy, somewhat-tinged-with-melancholy, dreamy music.
The new Atlas Sound album is full of that, in spades.
Especially this track featuring Noah Lennox, aka Panda Bear.

One of my favorite records of the year. Easily.
Big fan of Bradford Cox's music.
And have a listen to his Micromixes.
I get lost in them on subway rides all the time.

And Hudson comes into the world.

Had sort of been blawg-quiet lately in the last week or so.

Though my actual-life was quite the opposite.

Got a call a week and a half ago and found out that a renter was going to take over the lease of my apartment in LA (good news), 
so I had to fly back the following day with a sinus cold (bad news) to start packing up my life 
for the second time in 5 months - the first was my move from Portland to LA in October.
Managed to sell a ton of stuff - sofa, desk, bookcases, furniture in general and made a bunch of donations to Goodwill.
All of which felt amazing to let go off.
Stuff. Goodbye stuff.
I also sold my car, which was actually the toughest thing to let go of.
It's not that it was the most awesome car (2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue), rather it was the "meaning" of the car - the sense of independence, 
and all the memories it held - roadtrips out to the coast, the desert, to LA and back, from Milwaukee across the country to Portland, etc.
The same day I was selling my car in LA, my best friends, Molly & Dyrayll, were having their first child back in Portland.
I was letting go of things, and at the same time, something living was coming into the world.
Something beautiful and much more important.
It was an interesting moment for me.
I was sitting in a Starbucks in Burbank contemplating the amount that Carmax offered me for my car 
and whether I was going to take their offer.
Evening was coming on and the sky was a moody color and busy with clouds.
At some point a feeling of letting go came over me and I realized that it was time.
Felt very clear to me.
Goodbye stuff.

So I then flew back to NYC and got back to working and my new routine out here.
Working hard on a TV commercial at the moment.

Friday I get a call from the Beverly Hills Police Department.
Apparently they've got two fellas in custody that had some of my possessions on them.
Turns out they broke into my storage unit and jacked some of my things.
My head was swimming.
Did they get my records?
My music gear?
Personal information?
Felt violated and bummed out.

That was Friday, today is Tuesday.
It is still being sorted out by the police, but it's looking like I may have caught a super lucky break 
in that they caught these guys in time before they may have unloaded any of my possessions.
So, ah...
Feels like spring is coming on and things are getting better, warmer, sunnier.
I got a gal that loves me, great friends and family, some work at the moment and my health.
Counting all my blessings.

And here's a song from a band called It Hugs Back from their new album that I'm feeling:

Give 'em some support.

So I am counting all your fingers.

New Bon Iver track, "Brackett, WI" from the upcoming Red Hot compilation "Dark Was The Night" to be released on 4AD:


Given that I am a fellow Wisconsinite, how can I not love Bon Iver?
Anytime I hear his voice, I get a warm and lovely, yet humble, sense of Midwestern pride.
That's how we do it in Wisconsin. 
Strong, yet sensitive, hearty and kind.