Open up my heart. Tell me if you see some meaning.

I'm (we're) in the midst of some awesome life changes. Stay tuned. In the meantime, the new Deerhunter album couldn't be a more perfect soundtrack to the messy amazingness of a life in good flux. Evolution revolution. Dig this track, "The Missing" off Monomania.

What do you want to see, what did you want to be, when you grew up?

Seeing my friend Hallie, among many things, makes me think of happy, somewhat-tinged-with-melancholy, dreamy music.
The new Atlas Sound album is full of that, in spades.
Especially this track featuring Noah Lennox, aka Panda Bear.

One of my favorite records of the year. Easily.
Big fan of Bradford Cox's music.
And have a listen to his Micromixes.
I get lost in them on subway rides all the time.