There's a big day coming. I can hardly wait.

Working from home the rest of the afternoon, at my favorite spot at the dining room table among all the big Southern-facing windows. Bailey and the cat are sleeping in the diminshing sun's rays and I'm listening to a vinyl reissue of Painful, one of my favorite Yo La Tengo albums, and just waiting for our little guy to make his grand entrance into our world. Can't wait to meet him.

Oh I have been wondering/wandering.

Caught this song on Sirius/XM driving in my car the other day. I hadn't really paid much attention to Laura Marling. Until now. This weary, old-soul voice hooked me in. And frankly, I'd like to think that she's singing about our cat, Sophia, but either way, this song is making me pay attention to her new album. Which so far is not too shabby, though this is the jam that really gets me. 

I said nothing and then nothing and then you said. [Imaginary Soundtracks #2]

Haven't done this series in awhile (since I basically started it), but I was listening to Stina Nordenstam's "This Is" album today and remembered how much I love this particular song.
Sounds a bit like Brian Eno "Here Come The Warm Jets" era.
Would love to see this one in a film.

You've got such a psychic life to live.

I picked up Roky Erickson's album "Never Say Goodbye" back in 1999 from Ozone Records in Portland, Oregon.
Though I was just starting to familiarize myself with him as an artist back then, this album in it's stark, vulnerable tone caught my attention immediately and never let go.
I've always envisioned this particular track to be playing during the end credits of a film:

Many of these tracks were actually recorded during a stint in a mental hospital, and it's rawness is both heartbreaking and beautiful.
Read a little bit about the story of the album here:

Also, I think it's a pretty hard album to come by these days, so if you'd like, you can download the whole thing here:

She is restless, needs attention, loses patience, seeks affection.

Though it's, by far, my least favorite New York City venue, Hot Chip still absolutely killed it at Terminal 5 last night.
Dance party, U.S.A.
They're back there tonight too.
And the album just keeps growing on me.
Makes for a heck of a good soundtrack subway commuting.

Little memories marching on.

From what I'm hearing and reading, EMI is really banking on the new Gorillaz album going gangbusters to help save the day.
Curious how this is going to play out, but this much I can say: it's a pretty darn solid release.
For some reason, I always kind of expect to not like the Gorillaz and every time I am pleasantly surprised.
I particularly dig this track.
I really love the spot in the song where it changes over to the Little Dragon vibe.