And tell me everything's alright.

A bit of darkness is nothing to fear but may have kept me from getting this album at first. Now that I've given it a few rounds, it's really grown on me. Song of the day from album of the week. "Angel Tongue" from Light Asylum's S/T album. Dig it.

On a good day, I do not mind.

Returning to my office the other day, I walked into this song. And it just hit right. The rest of the album, I'm still having to give some time, but this song is just lovely. Fairly Velvets & Nico-esque. "Traffic Lights" from Lonely Drifter Karen. Dig it.

Explosions pillaging the night.

Quiet night at home with the wife and baby boy, sitting at my desk (which is really just the farm table in our sun room) just starting to go through all the music I've loved this past year and attempting to begin to assemble my top album list of 2011. Have a feeling that this album will end up nearer to the top. Good stuff from a young lad from Boise, Idaho.!/youthlagoon

I was waiting and you're fading, fading out.

Been in the real thick of it with work for the last few weeks, so I haven't much time to listen to music or post, but when I have had some time, I've mostly been listening to all the recent Mississippi Records releases, as well as this lovely Brooklyn band, Widowspeak.
Check out the first track of their new eponymous album on Captured Tracks:

OOD FOOD HER (Dancing Girls)

Though it's been out for a little bit, I'm just lately getting into Hauschka's latest album.
It's great little avant-garde/experimental piano playfulness gets my pick of "song of the day from album of the week". Check it.

Think me and you could use a lost weekend (a beard don't make you a man/a pen don't mean you can write).

Been listening to some beautiful, pithy, at-times funny, music from this cat from Scotland.
Just getting into his album now and digging what I'm hearing so far.
Especially this track: