I know a place where we can go and you can get back on your feet, boy.

Been traveling a lot the last few weeks and so haven't made much time to post new music but I just wanted to share an album that's been a good traveling companion - the new Taken By Trees. It's called Other Worlds and it's super dreamy, gentle and lovely. Good stuff when you're dealing with the stresses of the mundanity of life. Here's one of my favorite tracks called "Dreams". Let its sweetness wash over you.



How Do I Know If I Love You.

So I'm a little behind on posting as I've been participating in four different music events/conferences over the last three weeks. One in Chicago and then traveled to Nashville and NYC for the others. But I'm finally back in action at work and getting caught up. So let's get onto some music.

Unlike their first two albums, it took a little longer to get into this newest Here We Go Magic album, A Different Ship. For whatever reason, it just didn't entirely click with me - until now - and now I can't get enough. Kind of reminds me of what might come if Paul Simon was jamming with the Feelies in 1987 in Hoboken. It's awesome. Real lazy and laid back at times, at others, jangly, jittery sublime pop. Definitely worth a listen. Sort of sounds like this New Jersey sunset looks. Dig this track, How Do I Know.




Missles, baby.

Song of the day from album of the week.

Picked this new War On Drugs EP on vinyl a little bit ago.
Love their sound.Reminds me of Arcade Fire/Bruce Springsteen/driving the NJ turnpike.
Perfect for road trips. Which I will be taking soon.


You don't believe in superstition.

I absolutely love Here We Go Magic's last album, so it was with some disappointment that I found myself having a harder time getting into their most recent one called Pigeons.
What really happens though is that this one is trickier to reveal itself, so give it some time, as it'll pull through for you.
Now I absolutely love it.

Check out this track where they fall into a lovely Neu! hook:


Don't give on me and I won't give up on you.

Yo, I'm out of here for the next few weeks.
Getting married in the Bahamas and then off to Mexico.
Lucky dog, am I.

In the meantime, I just wanted to leave you with a track from the new Yeasayer albumthat everyone, if not already, will soon be jocking.

Also, included: a funny photo of my friend Jessica prepping to join in on Devo's inevitable comeback this year.

All the papers roll it a different way.

The past two nights I've been out at The Bell House.
Sunday night it was Catfish Haven.
A band of an unfortunate name but who can rock with the best of them.
And last night I was out to see Foreign Born, who were absolutely amazing.
So glad that I caught them on their last night of the tour.
Though it was The Veils that really surprised me.
Today I re-listened to their current album, Sun Gangs,
and it's a beautiful album, but they are really a band that one needs to see live.
So much more energy and pathos in their live show.
Deep and soulful.



All The Stars, Your Eyes, Raining Just For Me.

Last Friday, Cali (http://www.rvca.com/advocates/?cat=10) and I were driving to Whole Foods to get some lunch for the Beta Petrol crew.
I asked him if he had heard the new Antony & the Johnsons, as I had only heard the EP and the first few tracks on the LP.
He popped the CD in and said that there is a line ("Hold that man I love so much") in the song "Aeon"
that Antony will be remembered for, and proceeded to play it for me.

 It was raining in Los Angeles that day, and as I was listening to the song for the first time,
there was a certain alchemical and powerful reaction I had
to the intensity and tenderness and beauty of that song unfolding
right there in Cali's car, in the grayness
of the sky, on a day filled
with the gravity and magnificence of my own life unfolding.