Theme for snowflakes and bells.

Just finally catching up with the Feeling Today EP from the band, Botany, that was released a few months ago on Western Vinyl.
Reminds me at times of mid-90's Mo' Wax stuff, along with early 2000's IDM.
Perfect winter weather music to make you feel cozy.
The whole EP is awesome.
Really digging it.

Gonna Come Back As A Ghost.

I don't know too much about this band yet, but what I've heard so far, I dig.
Check out the title track from their Bicho de Luz EP.
Reminds me of vintage Aphex Twin.

Trying to get off the world.

Going to see Atoms For Peace tonight at the Roseland Ballroom. And Flying Lotus will be opening up. Super excited for it. 

In the hopes that they'll be also playing some Radiohead B-sides, I'm posting one of my faves:

Stop making that big face.

Congratulations to Warp Records on 20 years of making progressive, challenging, raw, beautiful, ugly, bizarre, inspiring creations.
If you're in NYC, celebrate with them during the next few days as they're having parties, shows and screening all over the city:
I'll be there.
Here's to another 20.

Tracks carry ashes.

Reminds me of the early 90's Bristol scene, for sure, but twisted with her own wild style.
Saw her open up for Massive Attack last year at the Meltdown.
Good stuff.
Though it came out last year, I was vibing with it, so I just felt like making this the song of the day.