You are the son/sun that flies.

I've been so slammed with work for the past 6 months that I haven't posted at all. So busy, in fact, that I might officially take a sabbatical from this blog. TBD though. In the meantime, I've been on a Burial kick lately and have to say that I'm constantly so super impressed with his music creations. This came out way back in December, but if you snoozed on it, here's your chance to vibe.

I've lost you now, it's just too bad.

The reason why I love my career - I get to visit the amazing crew at Bank Robber Music for bagels, and then I get to meet the Captured Tracks crew for lunch and become instant friends. Awesome day all around. Huzzah for kindred spirits making radness in the world. 

Check out CT's reissue of all the Cleaners From Venus stuff, including this track "Night Starvation" from On Any Normal Monday. Before there was Ariel Pink, there was this.

To look out for something you might have.

Been totally life-slammed lately. So this song feels perfect for the frenetic energy of it all. Really digging on these Twin Peaks cats. Check this cut called "Stand In The Sand" from their Sunken album. Nice work Chicago music scene. I miss ya.

And stream Sunken here:

Not since he called from the Tijuana pay-phone.

The Mark Kozelek & Jimmy Lavelle album keeps growing on me. At first, I thought it was pretty alright. But as I get deeper into it, it really fits into the overall Canon of Kozelek's work. This song in particular, that in so many ways is essentially this beautiful/sad narrative about the upstairs/downstairs nature of immigration & labor, and therefore leads to thoughts of immigration reform and family and belonging and the meaning of "home", and which seems like it comes straight out of a Sam Shepard short story, really sums the whole album up. 

Anyway, long story short - check it out. Here's "Gustavo" off "Perils From The Sea".

Open up my heart. Tell me if you see some meaning.

I'm (we're) in the midst of some awesome life changes. Stay tuned. In the meantime, the new Deerhunter album couldn't be a more perfect soundtrack to the messy amazingness of a life in good flux. Evolution revolution. Dig this track, "The Missing" off Monomania.

I was reading ingredients, asking myself, should I eat this?

Dude. I absolutely love the new Parquet Courts album, Light Up Gold. It has this Velvets meets Strokes' first album meets Pavement meets Wire meets stoner kids who are all like, whatever, man. This song embodies that whole vibe. Would be fun to be 20 again. For like a day.

This love and affection means so much to me.

Shuggie Otis' "Inspiration Information" just got another re-release as this double album:

Came across this jam "Don't You Run Away", which when I first heard it, thought my computer was playing two different audio sources. Nope. Turns out it was just one lovely track from Mr. Otis. Made my head go all fuzzy. Ariel Pink would kill to have written this. Bet he'll cover it. Dig.

Shine on light.

It'd been a little while since I'd posted any new music as Posthaven was getting itself up and running. All good to go now. So first up is a track off the new Bonobo album, which has been getting a lot of play in my office while I'm working. Solid from start to finish. Particularly digging this track featuring Erykah Badu.

We get so excited that we can't ever feel any insecurities.

Been in the thick of work and work travel lately, so not much blogged/posted, but I've been listening to tons of new music that I'm very excited about. New albums from Youth Lagoon, Atoms For Peace, Hanni El Khatib, Widowspeak, Inc., Rhye, Yo La Tengo, Foxygen, Fear Of Men, etc. Been particularly digging the new Beach Fossils and I picked up the limited vinyl version at Other Music when I was recently in NYC. Check out this gem. The title track from the new album, Clash The Truth.