Wrench that fire hydrant all the way open.

It's hot & humid here in Chicago today. NATO protests are shuffling and people are fussing. I'm proclaiming that this jam goes out to cool us all down and bring about some peace & joy. Dig this classic Mor Thiam track, "Ayo Ayo Nene" from (most recently) the amazing Spiritual Jazz Vol. 1 compilation on Jazzman Records.




And tell me everything's alright.

A bit of darkness is nothing to fear but may have kept me from getting this album at first. Now that I've given it a few rounds, it's really grown on me. Song of the day from album of the week. "Angel Tongue" from Light Asylum's S/T album. Dig it.


Your guitar is the wrong-way 'round on the beat.

Lots of great music on deck lately and much to share on the way. Particularly digging the new Prinzhorn Dance School. It's been out for a little while and it'll remind you of a few great bands (ESG, Gang Of Four, Joy Division, Klang, Young Marble Giants) but it stands on it's own, for sure. The whole album called 'Clay Class' is solid. Check this jam out.


On a good day, I do not mind.

Returning to my office the other day, I walked into this song. And it just hit right. The rest of the album, I'm still having to give some time, but this song is just lovely. Fairly Velvets & Nico-esque. "Traffic Lights" from Lonely Drifter Karen. Dig it.


From dirty paws and the creatures of snow.

I was hearing a fair amount of hype about this band and how they sounded like Edward Sharpe and/or Arcade Fire and/or Sigur Ros, etc., so I was a little shy to check them out, but I'm glad I got over that, as it's a pretty solid album. Song of the day from album of the week goes to Of Monsters And Men "Dirty Paws". Give it a chance.



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