Don't be afraid, it won't hurt, it's only water.

Just going through all my music from last year to make sure that I haven't missed anything. Came across this Bright Moments album called "Natives" that I remember liking but that had gotten lost in the mix of everything else aliong the way. So I had a relisten and recalled why I dig it. He plays with Beirut and Arcade Fire, among others, which you'll recognize immediately. Check out this track that is titled after my hometown, Milwaukee. Good stuff. This'll make the Top 100 list, for sure.

"Have to believe in your self and free your soul."

Happy 2013 all. My top albums of 2012 list is on the way. Hang tight. In the meantime, check out one of the tracks I've been digging for a little while from Foxygen, off their upcoming album, 'We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic'. Called "Shuggie". Here's to great things in 2013.

I'd ask you where the times goes, you don't know where the time goes.

Not sure if it's a function of age, or being a new-ish father, but lately I've been really prone to nostalgia, sentimentality and oversensitivity to awareness of the nonstop march of time. As such, I was going through new music that I've gotten recently and came across this song from the title track of the Brooklyn band Neighbors new album "Good Luck, Kid". Song of the day, for sure.

P.S. Happy black Friday. I suggest doing something meaningful to help counter all the shallowness going on in the country right now.

I can give him hope/you are running water.

I still really miss the heck out of the band, Broadcast. And more importantly, RIP Trish. In the meantime this little band, Melody's Echo Chamber, is doing a heck of a job filling that vacuum. Hands-down song of the day from album of the week. "Endless Shore" from their S/T.

I know a place where we can go and you can get back on your feet, boy.

Been traveling a lot the last few weeks and so haven't made much time to post new music but I just wanted to share an album that's been a good traveling companion - the new Taken By Trees. It's called Other Worlds and it's super dreamy, gentle and lovely. Good stuff when you're dealing with the stresses of the mundanity of life. Here's one of my favorite tracks called "Dreams". Let its sweetness wash over you.

For earth, peace.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - Four Tet consistently makes some of the most amazing, beautiful music out there and he's flying under a lot of people's radar these days. Finally picked up his last album, Pink, and though it's essentially a collection of vinyl-only singles, it is no less awesome as a complete work. This particular track, Peace For Earth, doesn't necessarily reflect the rest of the album, but it stands out to me as something so out of music-fashion in many ways and perhaps even the more lovelier for charting it's own course.

Also, be sure to check out his recent remix of Neneh Cherry & The Thing's "Dream Baby Dream". It's gnarly.

Oh what a web I have woven myself in.

The Poliça album, Give You The Ghost, has been out for a little bit and though I had slept on it for awhile, I'm now fully immersed. It's absolutely amazing from start to finish. Hauting, beautiful, tender, rough. Check out this dub-esque jem called "I See My Mother".

Please tell my brain every thought is the same.

Post-Lolla finally, and catching up. The new/upcoming Dan Deacon album, America, is amazing. Easily this jam ("True Thrush") gets song of the day from album of the week. Thanks Mr. Deacon.