There is an answer; I haven't found it.

The new Dirty Projectors has more or less been on repeat for the last few weeks and "Dance For You" is hands-down the song of the day from album of the week. Quite sure that Swing Lo Magellan will be in the Top 10 Albums of 2012 for me. This one goes out to my son & wife. I'll always dance for you.

There were hunting hounds by the palace grounds, believe me.

I've been listening attentively to this album from Miike Snow since it came out and I should've featured a track a long time ago for "song of the day from album of the week". Better late than never. The whole album is solid. Check this jam out.

Dream, baby, dream, forever.

Neneh Cherry & The Thing's "The Cherry Thing" album has blown my mind. One of the best collborations I have heard in a long, long time. Their cover of Suicide's Dream Baby Dream absolutely kills it. Song of the day from album of the week. Easily. Check.

Sit on the shoulder, work with the sea.

Picked this up on vinyl at Other Music the week I was in NYC. Came with a limited edition flexidisc. Hands-down the album of the week. Working its way to album of the year. Peaking Lights "Lucifer". Check out this song, Cosmic Tides.

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How Do I Know If I Love You.

So I'm a little behind on posting as I've been participating in four different music events/conferences over the last three weeks. One in Chicago and then traveled to Nashville and NYC for the others. But I'm finally back in action at work and getting caught up. So let's get onto some music.

Unlike their first two albums, it took a little longer to get into this newest Here We Go Magic album, A Different Ship. For whatever reason, it just didn't entirely click with me - until now - and now I can't get enough. Kind of reminds me of what might come if Paul Simon was jamming with the Feelies in 1987 in Hoboken. It's awesome. Real lazy and laid back at times, at others, jangly, jittery sublime pop. Definitely worth a listen. Sort of sounds like this New Jersey sunset looks. Dig this track, How Do I Know.



Straight to your heart.

I'm pretty sure that for his new album, Twin Shadow jumped back in time to 1985 and proceeded to make the best album of that year and of 2012. Listening to my promo copy right now. Blows me away. Get ready people, this is legit. I've been obssessed with ' Five Seconds' for sometime now and it's hands-down song of the day from (upcoming) album of the week. And Confess is already making a run for album of the year. Rad.

Like shadows will leave when the time comes.

Forest Fire's album, Staring At The X, on Fat Cat Records, has been out since last fall but it somehow got lost in the woods for me until just recently. And now I find myself listening to it quite a lot. Glad it found its way out. The whole album is worth a listen. This track should give you a sense of it.

Wrench that fire hydrant all the way open.

It's hot & humid here in Chicago today. NATO protests are shuffling and people are fussing. I'm proclaiming that this jam goes out to cool us all down and bring about some peace & joy. Dig this classic Mor Thiam track, "Ayo Ayo Nene" from (most recently) the amazing Spiritual Jazz Vol. 1 compilation on Jazzman Records.